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"A man who has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it is committing another mistake."
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10 ani de la infiintarea Institutului Confucius in lume

Zilei nationale a R.P. Chineze

Institutul Confucius: ziua de deschidere 


Scope of activities:

  • Offer Chinese courses on different levels (for primary, secondary and college students as well as adults);
  • Hold lectures on Chinese culture, history, politics, economics etc;
  • Show Chinese movies and TV programs;
  • Provide consulting services for individuals wishing to study in China;
  • Provide reference materials for the educational and other professional individuals;
  • Organize seminars or workshops on Chinese calligraphy, music, go-chess, cooking and Tai-chi-quan.

Future Development

In the future, besides our language teaching, we hope to do more for the cultural exchanges. On the one hand, we hope more Chinese specialists to come here to Romania, and more Romanian go to China to see the Modern China.
We also will meet the needs of some middle school and primary school children to learn Chinese; we’ll also try to build our website and provide more people with better chances to learn Chinese at home.

Feedback and media Coverage:

Three local newspapers, one Local TV Station, and one national Radio Station have given report on our Confucius events at least 7 times. Most recently, on October 1, 2008, we were awarded a silver medal by the Rector of the Lucian Blaga University, for our contribution to the development of the University. And Romanian National Radio Station has given us a report.

Besidse language teaching, we also held a variety of activities:


Classes Offered in 2009:(课程安排)

  • 4 Beginners Classes 起点班A、B、 C、 D;
  • 2 Intermediate Class中级班A、 B;
  • 1 Upper-intermediate Class提高班;
  • Cultural workshops
  • Taijiquan workshops24式太极培训班
  • Wei Qi workshops围棋教室;
  • Goga中学中文兴趣班;

Activities in 2009:(主要文化活动)

  • January: Spring Festival Celebration春节庆祝活动;
  • March: The second CI tournament for table tennis乒乓球比赛
  • April: Academic Week;学术活动周
  • May: Theater Festival;锡比乌戏剧节
  • June: Book Launch;罗文版中国经典发行式
  • July: Trip to China for Romanian Educational Delegation罗马尼亚教育代表团访华
  • August: Summer School in Beijing for CI students暑期孔院夏令营;
  • October: Celebration of the Chinese National Day and the 60 years anniversary of Romania and China friendship;中国国庆暨中罗友好建交60周年
  • November: Pictorial Expo on China Today今日中国图片展
  • December: The opening ceremony for the Chinese cultural corner.


  • Feb. 4, 2008: pictorial exhibition
  • Feb. 7, 2008: Spring Festival Day and Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Feb. 16, 2008: Table Tennis Match
  • Feb. 23, 2008: Ping-pong Day
  • April,2008, Global Village
  • May 29 to June 1 2008, We participated in  the Theatre festival
  • June 3,2008  we organized an Cultural Day  for Children
  • May 8th, we organized a Lecture performed by the German Sinologist, Professor Kupfer
  • June 12th, we organized another pictorial exhibition; World Heritage in China
  • November 16, we organized our taiji learners to put on a Taiji show to report what they have learned.


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