Confucius Institute is a non-profit education organization, with a mission to help the world understand Chinese language and culture, promote friendly relationships between China and the world, and enhance the development of multiculturalism in order to contribute to the building of a harmonious world.

Confucius Institute is established to promote the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language and for different exchanges and co-operations, such as in the education, culture and economics fields, with the world. The services offered by Confucius Institute includes offering Chinese language courses at different levels, providing professional training and giving teaching resources to Chinese language teachers. They will also promote HSK tests and the certification of teachers¨ ability to teach Chinese as a foreign language. It will be a center where people can come for information on Chinese education, culture, economics and society.

By the end of 2006, more than 120 Confucius Institutes in 50 odd countries and regions have been established. Each Confucius Institute took advantage of their own uniqueness to develop rich and colorful educational and cultural activities. In this way, they gradually formed their own unique teaching models and become an important place for people to learn Chinese language and understand Chinese culture. Confucius Institutes are all warmly welcomed wherever they are established.