Despre noi

About BLCU

With a long history as 45 years in the field of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, Beijing Language and Cultural University (BLCU) is the best-known university in China in this field. BLCU has a traditional good relation with Romanian people. The former Romanian ambassador to China, the wife of present ambassador and some other Romanian VIPs are all alumni of BLCU. At present, every year BLCU are offering several scholarship opportunities to Romanian students who want to go to China to study.


Confucius Institute at Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu is established under the cooperation between Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu(LBUS) in Sibiu, Romania and Beijing Language and Culture University(BLCU) in Beijing, China. Sponsored by the Office of Chinese Language Council International (HANBAN), this Confucius Institute is the first and the only one in Romania until now. It is established to strengthen educational cooperation between Romania and China, support and promote the development of Chinese language education, and increase mutual understanding between the peoples of Romania and China.


The CI-LBUS offers various Chinese language courses on different levels (for primary, secondary and college students as well as adults). Lectures or topics such as Chinese culture, history, politics economics etc and exhibitions, film shows and various other cultural events will be organized. Our website will gradually be established .The CI-LBUS will also organize seminars or workshops on Chinese calligraphy or ink painting and Tai-chi-quan.

Future Development

In the future, there will be course for conversation, specific preparation courses for HSK and training courses for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Furthermore business courses in Chinese, as well as Chinese language courses to help tourists gain information about history, culture, geography and differences in intercultural communication.


Confucius Institute is a non-profit education organization, with a mission to help the world understand Chinese language and culture, promote friendly relationships between China and the world, and enhance the development of multiculturalism in order to contribute to the building of a harmonious world.

Confucius Institute is established to promote the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language and for different exchanges and co-operations, such as in the education, culture and economics fields, with the world. The services offered by Confucius Institute includes offering Chinese language courses at different levels, providing professional training and giving teaching resources to Chinese language teachers. They will also promote HSK tests and the certification of teachers¨ ability to teach Chinese as a foreign language. It will be a center where people can come for information on Chinese education, culture, economics and society.

By the end of 2006, more than 120 Confucius Institutes in 50 odd countries and regions have been established. Each Confucius Institute took advantage of their own uniqueness to develop rich and colorful educational and cultural activities. In this way, they gradually formed their own unique teaching models and become an important place for people to learn Chinese language and understand Chinese culture. Confucius Institutes are all warmly welcomed wherever they are established.

Services Offered

Ever since the Confucius Institute was set up, we have focused on offering free Chinese Courses and organizing cultural activities:

From 18 November 2007 until November 18, 2008, we offered more than 150 hours of Chinese language courses for more than 120 beginners; and 32 hours of Taiji Courses for about 30 Taiji lovers; we also organized about 40 hours of Chinese cultural workshop with about 70 participants.

We also offered lots of consulting services both for individuals and institutions.

Scope of activities and services:

  • Chinese language courses at all levels and for all age groups;
  • Chinese Language Efficiency Tests;
  • Lectures and conferences on Chinese Teaching, Chinese culture, China-Romania bilateral Relations and Comparative cultural Studies;
  • Exhibitions on Chinese culture and arts;
  • Workshops on Chinese poetry, music, calligraphy, Taichi, Game of Go, and cuisine;
  • Book Launches for new Romanian version of Chinese Classics;
  • Art festivals and performances organizing;
  • Chinese Films and videos playing;
  • Chinese library building;
  • Scholarship offering and rewarding for Romanian students to study in China;
  • Summer School organizing;
  • Educational and academic exchange programs promoting.